Negative Calorie Foods For Weight Loss

Foods that require large amounts of energy to be digested than the energy supplied is called negative energy foods . The production of a thermal effect , the amount of calories in the digestion of food is greater than the energy content of the food. The only negative calorie drink is " ice water " because it causes the body to use its own energy to raise the temperature of the liquid at body temperature.
Foods with a low glycemic index create a calorie deficit and force the body to use the stored energy to digest . These foods are also usually high in fiber, which makes you feel full and satisfied longer . This reduces the cases of bulimia limit hunger and cravings. Rich in vitamins and minerals, these foods increase metabolism, enzyme production , and push the physiology of the body to burn fat.
Negative calorie foods increase the total energy in the body and therefore make you feel more energetic. There will also be a significant change in the amount and intensity of pain and hunger cravings you may experience during the sessions of weight loss and diet control treatment . Negative foods also act as diuretics resulting from retention of water reduced in the body. They also help the levels of blood sugar balance and help control mood swings . These fiber-rich foods also help regulate digestion and improve bowel movements . The liver is clean resulting in increased ability to burn body fat . These negative energy foods also have an anti- inflammatory effect which improves circulation. You will have a smoother and more luminous skin and shinier hair .
There are a variety of vegetables and fruits that act negative energy foods and help you lose weight. Despite popular belief, weight loss foods can be mixed together to form delicious dishes.
Best negative calorie foods :
. 1 Vegetables: green beans and cabbage beets , broccoli , carrots , celery, cucumbers, cabbage , beets , leeks , lettuce, tomatoes , asparagus, squash and turnips.. 2 Fruits : apples, melons , blueberries, cranberries , honey , grapefruit , mango , papaya , mangoes , peaches, raspberries , pineapple, mandarin oranges , strawberries, watermelons.3 herbs and spices. Anise seeds , cayenne pepper , cloves , coriander, cinnamon, dill seeds , cumin seeds , flax seeds , garlic , ginger, parsley, mustard , onions, watercress and cloves.
You should consume whole rather than fruit juices , beverages and food certainly not packed . Juices and drinks are filled with chemicals such as flavors , artificial sweeteners and preservatives. You can mix different vegetables and fruits to make a delicious salad or sauté your favorite vegetables to make a delicious dish

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